Perceptual Biases in Pattern Recall

The term cognitive bias has become quite popular in modern discourse. It aims to remind us that no matter how hard we try to view phenomena from an objective rational standard, there will

2 min read
Is it too much effort to think?

Across the board I am noticing one major trend in the way others are interacting with the world: a lack of critical analysis. All too many seem to desire the answers to their

1 min read
The Improbable Seems to be Quite Probable

What do Melvin Capital and Long-Term Capital Management both have in common? They both took highly leveraged positions on the statistically improbable being improbable. Yet, Melvin Capital lost 53% in January 2021 and

1 min read
Anticipation Kills

Today I was planning a trade in the S&P500. In my AM prep I said: Main trade I am looking for here is a medium term down leg that starts with

4 min read
Boiling it Down

Let's talk about trading.... this idea of going into the market day by day to extract cash. The game is simple, and we must all start out as armatures. There is no part

2 min read
What is "edge"?

This term, "edge" is tossed around in the trading community more than almost any  other, yet there seems to be no consistent use case or definition for it. People say mental edge, execution

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