Generational Mega wealthy Aspirations

It is quite interesting to note how many of the ultra rich are obsessed with space. This can lead to one conclusion that inspiring events in the childhood of ones life can create aspirations that drive a person.

Ex) Bezos makes Amazon as a conduit to Blue Origin

Ex) Musk makes PayPal, Tesla, etc. as a conduit to SpaceX

Ex) Richard Branson makes the Virgin companies as a conduit to Virgin Galactic

All born in a similar time when the Moon landing gave the appearance we would be living on mars in a decade. Living out the Star Wars fancy. This begs the question what the next generation of ultra rich will use their money to advance?

MetaNet? Climate change? VR/AR? AV? Alt-medicine? Continue the work already started on space?

This should be considered with the projection that the current major cooperation's will recede and new FANG's will emerge, however with the centralization we have seen, that may not occur.

Essentially the protocol should be track the ultra wealthy, understand their background, figure out what they really care about, and then look for them to try and disrupt that space.