Is it too much effort to think?

Across the board I am noticing one major trend in the way others are interacting with the world: a lack of critical analysis. All too many seem to desire the answers to their questions be spoon fed.

The irony of the rhetorical question is now dead rotting into serious intent. Those who pose these questions do so from an innocent point of view. Yet, these same people fail to understand the implication of their actions. Not all questions deserve an answer. In fact, many do not. Many, instead, should just be responded with, "Well, did you think about it?"

For that is what the rhetorical question had once been. Now indiscriminate from that of a genuine question derived from a lack of consciousness. Ah, maybe that is it. Consciousness. Is that what they lack? Maybe it is the case we exist on this planet with varying degrees of consciousness.

Maybe it is the case a large swath of us need to be told what to do else the whole civilization as we know it would collapse.

That type of charged language is very surprising to come out of someone as pro individual freedom as I am. Yet, it seems to still be so, furthermore it might be through the adaptation of self-imposed rules that dependency alleviates itself. This makes it certainly the case that you either follow the track of state enforced action (tyranny) or culturally enforced action. While both uncomfortable, the latter seems to render out a far superior outcome.

However, what does it look like for a culture to enforce action? What if that culture sucks and the action is destructive? Is it best to take a darwinist approach to culture as the meta abstraction of personality in the collective?

How do we prevent atrocities of human rights when genetics seem to be the next barrier to societal advancement? Will the leaders of that society make the right choices instead of the attractive choices?